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Boise Personal Training Programs

Most of our clients are not training for a marathon. They would however, like creative time efficient exercises to stay in shape or help negate the effects of gravity. Boise Holistic provides athletic training programs for Idaho athletes as well as healthy holistic exercise programs designed to bring the mind, body and soul into alignment to perform as a whole entity. Our holistic approach is to use small easy to use steps that maximize performance and minimize discouragement.

Sports Specific Exercises | Athletic Training Programs

Maximum athletic performance does not require doing twice as much of the same sport, it involves cross training, coordination drills and weight training. Don't struggle to get to the next level, let our athletic training programs provide tips and coaching on sport enhancing exercises. Exercise should be fun, not tedious or mentally exhausting. You don't need expensive gym memberships or exotic exercise equipment to stay in shape. A good variety of challenges throughout the week can get the job done. Let us show you how to get more done in the time it takes to drive to the gym. We design athletic training programs and holistic exercise routines to fit you and your valuable time.

Boise Golf Biomechanics

Take strokes off your golf game while golfing pain free. We can help you swing your golf clubs with more consistency while creating a relaxed feeling during your next golf outing. Boise Holistic golf biomechanics programs have a multi step process that is designed to improve flexibility and strength.

Corrective Exercises Boise

These are exercises that can be done at home. Every day we put our bodies through ergonomic challenges. Massage therapy alone will not alleviate chronic pain caused by them. There are imbalances that need to be addressed. Our programs stabilize the body so the effects of daily stressors don't take their toll.