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Holistic Approach to Common Neurological Disorders;
Chronic Neurological Pain - Learning Disabilities - Attention Deficit Disorder

Through our advanced work in neuromuscular therapy, we have realized that all effective bodywork must keep the nervous system in the forefront.

Cranial Plate Dysfunction | Holistic Craniosacral Therapy | Chronic Neurological Pain Relief

Cranial plate dysfunction can cause many neurological problems, such as depression, ADD / ADHD, or chronic pain. The bones in the cranium are malleable, especially at a young age. If they are distorted they can have a profound effect on venous blood flow, hormone secretion (chemical imbalances) and cerebrospinal fluid flow. We use pain free, and drug free, techniques to realign the cranial bones. This facilitates normal function within the nervous system. Cranial plate dysfunction can originate from many sources: falls children take, auto accidents, other sources of body trauma which translate to the head. Our training allows us to identify the cause and treat it. We look at the body as an orchestral unit.

Holistic Therapy | Anxiety - Depression - ADD or ADHD - Bipolar Disorders

Working with such symptoms as anxiety, depression, ADD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and bipolar disorders in patients has led us to focus more on children and young adults. It concerns us to see young individuals relying on medications to cope with these symptoms. Although we realize medications have their place and sometimes cannot be avoided, more conservative approaches can often point our children in the right direction, without the serious side effects.