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Holistic Healing Benefits and Health Tips | Mind - Body - Emotion and Spirit

Getting the most out of your life is very satisfying. Even the most fit person needs help from time to time. Massage helps speed up recovery time from exercise and gives relief from stressful situations.

Enjoying The Great Outdoors

Some of us need relief from a nagging problem that just keeps us from getting out there.  Hip pain, shoulder pain to name a couple.  Maybe a little guidance is in order?  We are all athletes in our own world, let me enhance your game whatever your level.

Holistic Health Tip of the Month

Allergy season is upon us.  Sensitivities to pollen and other allergens are often a symtom of a hightened immune response.  When a body is already on high alert due to other irritants such as GMO wheat or dairy the body reacts more severely to pollen and dust.  Reducing the initial irritants can greatly reduce the response to common spring time allergens.  Allergies are often a response to a dysfunctional digestive tract.

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