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The benefits and modalities of massage therapy or bodywork massage therapies with the techniques are often confusing. At Boise Holistic we will listen to your needs and use the appropriate types of bodywork healing therapies to accomplish those needs. Boise Holistic massage therapy - bodywork massage therapies are tailored to your specific health and wellness goals by bringing your mind, body and spirit together.

Boise Massage Therapy Techniques Provided

Neuromuscular Bodywork
Effective on complex pain patterns that hinder a healthy lifestyle.

Hot Stone Massage
The ultimate massage therapy where heated stones are placed at specific sites on the body to advance relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage
Detoxifying and therapeutic by releasing chronic muscle tension which can assist in breaking up and eliminating scar tissue through deep tissue massage therapy.

Therapeutic Sports Massage
Is a type of massage technique that can minimize sport related injuries, reducing muscle stiffness and helps in speeding up recovery.

Alternative Health Cupping
Known as one of the oldest methods of Chinese medicine which can create feelings of relaxation enhancing energy flow while boosting immunity.

CranioSacral Therapy
Think of it as massage that removes restrictions from the central nervous system so that it can do it's job more efficiently, leaving you feeling revitalized!

Any session may include several modalities.
Clients' needs, structural alignment, and stress levels are important factors to determining techniques before starting. Call or email today for answers to any questions about our services.